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Taking the bird for a drive

A German man caught speeding faces losing his
licence because he was driving with a cockatoo
on his shoulder. Ananova reports that Walter
Konehauser, 45, told reporters: "She was bored
at home and I wanted to take her for a ride." He
was stopped while doing 60mph in a 30mph
zone and faces dangerous driving charges.

Toddler's £9k car purchase

A toddler who managed to operate his parents’ computer and log onto, promptly
bought his family a £9,000 car.
Jack Neal, aged three, made the winning bid
for a bright pink Nissan Figaro, the Sun
reported. The ebay password had been left on
the computer.
Dad John, from Lincolnshire, was horrified to
receive an email congratulating him on his
successful purchase but was able to contact the
seller and explain the error.


That's my girl

A car enthusiast has named his daughter ‘SLK’
after a Mercedes sports model. The head of the
local registrar’s office in Romania said: "This
man walked into the office and said he wanted
a birth certificate in the name SLK Caldarar.
We tried to make him change his mind." But the
father insisted, reported Ananova, saying he
loves cars and if the baby had been a boy he
would have been named BMW.

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